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Important Message for Tenants in NJ

If you have previously contacted our program for housing assistance, this message is crucial for you. We wanted you to know that a very important new law just took effect in New Jersey that will help prevent evictions. The new law extends the eviction moratorium until the end of the year for some and provides additional protections for tenants. It also creates a new rental assistance program for tenants. In order to prevent eviction under this new law, you must complete an online form and apply for rental assistance help from the state. The online form and application, including information about the law, are available at the following link: If you are facing possible eviction we strongly urge you to go online and complete the forms before August 31, 2021. If you are not able to access the online form, you can call 609-490-4550 for assistance.

If you need help finding rental assistance, here is a list of several state and local programs in our service area:

We also wanted to let you know that NNJLS provides legal assistance and advice for tenants facing eviction, as well as information about how the new law could affect you. Unfortunately, we are unable to complete the forms for you. We suggest visiting the state site listed above and then calling us if you have any additional questions. You can contact us via email or calling us at 973-523-2900.


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