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A Celebration To Remember!

Tears were flowing at the Passaic County Superior Court on June 25th. 

They were tears of happiness and joy.

Hatim Sabir was sworn in as a New Jersey attorney by Judge Adam Jacobs after passing the State Bar Examination in February. He was joined by his wife Zainab, parents Jumana and Hussain, sisters Fatima and Umehani, and brother-in-law Antonio. 

"It was great. It was nice to have my friends and colleagues there," Hatim said. "My mom was crying with happiness."

Hatim's parents emigrated from Pakistan and he is the first in his family to become a lawyer, an accomplishment that his family is very proud of.

The family was especially pleased to meet Judge Jacobs, whom Hatim has practiced before in the courtroom.

Hatim grew up in Bergen County, initially in Hackensack before moving to Teaneck. Hatim graduated from New England Law in Boston in 2023 and started at NNJLS in the Housing Unit in Paterson in August of 2023.


Soo Woo is Hatim's managing attorney in  Paterson. Hatim expressed how grateful he is for her support as well as hosting a party for him at the Paterson office.

Soo took the time to cook Korean dishes such as bulgolgi barbeque and noodles and purchased Halal meats from Al Basha restaurant in Paterson for the party. Others contributed their own dishes to help celebrate.

"I really felt the love of so many and everyone in the office," Hatim said.   



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