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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with NNJLS Attorney Soo Woo

NNJLS celebrates Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Month this May.

We celebrate our diverse staff, including Soo Woo, Attorney Manager at NNJLS’s Paterson office.

Soo emigrated from South Korea at a young age, and became interested in American society, deciding to pursue a career as a lawyer.

For women, especially Asian women, to have a place in the legal field was a challenge, Soo said. “But I wanted to still do it for people who come after my generation,” Soo said. “It’ll be easier for them when they are ready to go into the mainstream and make something for themselves.”

Congratulations to Soo on a remarkable career fighting for those who often do not have a voice as a public service lawyer. To all the AANHPI attorneys and people that have contributed to the foundation of our nation, thank you from all of us at NNJLS!



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