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Pro Se Clinic: 
Return of Your
Security Deposit

If you are a renter, landlords should return the security deposit to you at the end of the lease within a “reasonable time.” Remember, the landlord may deduct money from the security deposit for any damage to the apartment beyond normal “wear and tear”. Wear and tear is minor damage to an apartment that happens because of regular use by someone living there.


If there is damage to the apartment beyond wear and tear, like large stains on a carpet, the landlord must give the tenant a list of damages and how much they cost to repair. The landlord must do this within a reasonable time after the end of the lease. 


If the landlord has not returned your security deposit or given you a list of damages, you must bring him to small claims court to recover your security deposit. In this clinic, skilled volunteers will walk you through what you need to file a complaint with small claims court to get your money back.

Please note: Our clinics do not include legal representation or offer legal advice should any problems arise. We will also not be able to file documents on a client's behalf.

Clinics are conducted virtually by Zoom and in-person. Space at our clinics is limited and participants must qualify for services. Click the button below to begin the application process either online, by phone, or in person.

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