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In 2022...

we handled 13,256 cases for people with serious legal problems who could not afford an attorney,

prevented 5,989 people from being evicted,


helped 526 people on their path to U.S. citizenship,


and resolved 1,984 cases for people whose SNAP benefits were denied or terminated.

Of course, we didn't do it all at once.


We did it person by person, case by case.


Day by day.

This is the story of one of our days. 

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Our team prepares to speak with the public about our services at a food bank event in a park in Jersey City.


We work with community partners throughout our three counties to reach potential clients.

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One of our intake specialists speaks to a a woman whose identity was stolen and used to take out a large loan in her name. The intake interview identifies the legal issues people are facing and determines if we can help.



Attorneys from our housing unit discuss an eviction case on the steps of the Passaic County Courthouse.

We handled 3640 eviction cases in 2022. Trials for housing issues spiked as many pandemic protections ended.

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"I am the legal guardian & grandmother of a 9-year old w/special needs who repeatedly was suspended because the school didn’t understand his disabilities..."


"...I am literally crying as I write this because no one knows the struggles I’ve been through on behalf of my grandson. My attorney was a godsend and without a doubt, there is a star in heaven with her name on it. Thank you, Northeast New Jersey Legal Services, for employing the best of the best."



A client posts a Google review about the services NNJLS provided for her grandchild. "So many parents who come to us already know what is right, and what their children need in an educational setting," says our education attorney, who helps parents ensure that their children get the supports and services they need.


See the entire review in the full 2022 report, here.

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At the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Newark, one of our immigration attorneys snaps a photo of her client, whose naturalization had been threatened by illness. He has just successfully become a U.S. citizen.

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One of our senior law attorneys prepares to visit a homebound senior. In addition to preparing future planning documents, our senior law unit handles elder abuse cases for seniors facing abuse or exploitation.

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Three longtime support staff confirm the details of a complaint they prepared for an attorney. Each has worked for NNJLS for at least 45 years.

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Greetings to the NNJLS community! 2022 was a tremendously exciting time for us at NNJLS, and I’m happy to be able to share some of these changes with you.

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Click to hear a message from Jack Wind, the president of our board of directors

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We’re thrilled for what lies ahead, and we’re grateful for our partners and supporters who share this journey with us.

Read the entire 2022 annual report here

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We're grateful to the NNJLS staff, volunteers, clients, and community partners who shared their time, stories, insights, and expertise to help create this report.

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