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Family and Domestic Violence


Our Family Law Unit provides legal representation and advice for issues affecting family and domestic relationships. We help survivors of domestic violence and survivors of sexual assault obtain restraining orders and other relief to keep them and their families safe and secure from violence.​


Family issues we can help with include  ​​

  • custody

  • child support

  • spousal support / alimony

  • parenting time / visitation

  • uncontested divorce​​

For survivors of domestic violence, we can help with

  • Final Restraining Order (DV) or Final Protection Order (SA)

  • relief such as custody, support, and possession of a residence

  • other civil legal matters that result from victimization, such as housing, immigration, and federal tax issues

  • referral to partner agencies for counseling and safety planning

  • assistance with New Jersey Victims of Crime Compensation claims

  • presentations to organizations seeking information regarding domestic violence and sexual assault

With some issues, it is possible for you to represent yourself in court  instead of having a lawyer. When you represent yourself in court, it is called appearing "pro se." We offer two pro se clinics for eligible clients to learn how to represent themselves in the following family-related matters: 

Download a shareable PDF of our Domestic Violence flyer.
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