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Pro Se Clinic:
Safe Housing Conditions 

The Safe Housing Conditions Clinic helps clients who are living in unsuitable, unsafe or unhealthy living conditions. Volunteer attorneys assist clients with understanding their rights and their different options to start initiating the process to compel landlords to perform repairs and obtain orders against harassment. 

Volunteers assist clients in preparing the paperwork necessary to commence a case, help them tell their story in the most compelling and persuasive light, discuss establishing proof of harassment and substandard conditions, and work with housing advocates to develop a strategy for successfully litigating these actions pro se, representing themselves.

Please note: Our clinics do not include legal representation or offer legal advice should any problems arise. We will also not be able to file documents on a client's behalf.

Space at our clinics is limited and participants must qualify for services. Click below to begin the application process either online, by phone, or in person. Clinics are conducted both virtual by Zoom and in-person. 

Apply now for legal help.
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